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SocialConsciousness Furaha Trading Company

Helping Families, Funding African Economies

Furaha Trading Company works in concert with a specific core value: Our products and practices must benefit all who do business with us, not just ourselves.

All of our customers, employees, farmers and agricultural workers are treated with dignity, respect and compassion. We purchase the vast majority of our teas, coffees and macadamia nuts from family businesses, small estates and organic producers. And because working in agricultural fields is frequently the only way that millions of Africans have for making a living, we also advocate for fair labor practices and for environmentally-sound growing and harvesting methods.

Furaha Trading Company provides reliable access to clean water, education, and housing for all company-affiliated farmers and their families. And through FTC, hard-working Africans have access to global markets and are paid fair prices for all of the dedication and hard work they devote to their tasks on a daily basis on tea, coffee and macadamia plantations. As always, whenever individuals, small businesses, and families thrive, so do their nations.

Although modern organic farming is new on the scene and yields up to 40% less product per acre than conventional methods, it flourishes because of the rising global demand for products which are free of pesticides and other unnatural applications. Using organic manures, plant-based fertilizers and pest repellents, organic farming practices ensure that the teas, coffees and macadamia nuts that you buy and consume are as healthy and as risk-free as the natural environment can make them. Today many African producers raise their crops organically for two main reasons: because organic products are in great demand globally, and because the land they live and work on supports not just their crops, but their families as well. We believe - and strive to make sure - that what's healthy for the world should also be healthy for the families living and working in close proximity to the production fields.

Furaha Trading Company, based in Kenya, Africa, has a license to pack FAIRTRADE, ORGANIC and KOSHER-certified tea, coffee and macadamia nuts. And Furaha Trading Company is ISO, HACCAP, and BRC-certified.

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FurahaTC ships quality tea, coffee and macadamia nuts from the following countries:
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