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For the last 5 years, Kenyan tea and coffee have been voted the best in the world. Unfortunately, today most Kenyan teas and coffees are blended with lower quality grades from other regions, directly impacting the leadership position Kenya had assumed in the global tea and coffee trade.

At Furaha Trading Company, we source high quality tea, coffee and macadamia directly from Kenyan and Malawian farmers and ship it worldwide so customers can enjoy the bold refreshing taste of a true African product.

Wildebeest and Furaha Trading Company

On the banks of the great Mara River, in the Maasai Mara Game Reserve, we watch, with our breathing nearly stopped and our hearts pounding, as an ages-old spectacle -- and one of the world's greatest natural wonders -- unfolds before us. At the forefront of the annual Great Migration are wildebeests, numbering in the hundreds of thousands.

WILDEBEEST Pressure mounts as the herds begin to converge. Hesitant at first to cross, wary of the raging waters and the voracious crocodiles, one brave wildebeest -- among the countless gathered here -- decides to take the plunge.

And then it happens! Once the migration begins, it stops for nothing as beast after beast follows the first into the swelling waters, dedicated to one end: making it across and ever onward to the fertile grasslands and watering holes which offer them their only remaining chance to live.

We draw our inspiration from this awesome and powerful spectacle. Like the wildebeest in our logo, we believe in facing challenges head-on and in seizing opportunities.

Whether you wake up each morning to African coffee or tea, or celebrate life later in the day with a feast including macadamia nuts, please accept our thanks and know that your purchase today is helping countless hard-working Africans survive and thrive against tremendous odds.

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FurahaTC ships quality tea, coffee and macadamia nuts from the following countries:
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